WORKSHOP "New Farm" start-up.

This workshop is tailored to individual, new, first-time, small-scale family farm start-ups. Intended to both help new farmers avoid common pitfalls, and to provide numerous and diverse models of suatainable methods to operate an organic-based farm.

Our newest workshop is designed as a custom-made program for individual farms and farmers that are in the planning or early execution stage of a new-(organically-based) farm start up. Using successful field-tested methods, ranging from soil restoration to raising pastured poultry, the Broadened Horizons Organic Teaching Farm is a viably productive model of a permaculture-based, sustainable food growing operation that uses low-cost, low-tech solutions encompassing a wide variety of diverse growing conditions.

The "new-farm start up" workshop will be presented as a total, custom-event for each participant(s). There are no pre-scheduled calendar dates for this workshop. We will conduct the workshop "on demand" when you the new farmer(s) are both learning ready and have the day time available.
The workshop sessions cover enough topics to require at least a couple of days. Additional training can also include a "work-to-learn" component that is a hands on labor exchange for practical farm knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and can be arranged at a later, separate time. The workshop is available throughout the week.

Meals and overnight lodging can be made available, allowing the participant(s) to experience our actual daily farm living routine.

Fees are structured along a sliding scale based on income level and ability to pay, otherwise it is $150 per person.

Please Contact us for more specific information concerning registration and cost.

Subjects covered:

Designing an efficient, low maintenance, water rich, diverse feature, farmland infrastructure (whole farm planning)

Benefits and wisdom of multi-seasonal crop diversity.

Soil information through identifying the presence of plant species and viewing them as messengers.

Utilizing internal & external nutrient inputs to kickstart a worn-out farm

Managing sustainable growth & expansion in poultry and livestock ventures

Recycling & resource reconfiguration (permaculture inspired) of "other stuff" made into useful farm items, especially in constructing rainwater collection systems.

Basic Business management guidelines to maximize your profit potential

Establishing a signature farm product that keeps loyal customers coming back

Minimizing fossil-based energy costs through green construction and appropriate landscaping

Sustainable agricultural practices on our East Tennessee farm

Seed saving and improving your crop plants genetics, and it's not rocket science

Rebuilding and nourishing the topsoil down so that it grows the healthiest plants for you to eat and sell.



 We really enjoyed our visit out to Broadened Horizons Organic Farm, meeting you and Cielo and learning about your farming practices. You have clearly invested a lot of time and energy into growing your farm, and your experience and enthusiasm are evident.

It was very helpful to see the systems you have put in place, and to hear about the recycled and salvaged materials you have incorporated into your farm. Books, conferences and the like are certainly useful tools for beginning farmers, but the opportunity to see and learn about examples of sustainable practices first hand is invaluable.

Chris & Dana Saywell, Blount County, TN.


We can't thank you enough for the time you spent teaching us about the practices you've put in place at Broadened Horizons Organic Farm.  Though we've read about Permaculture and attended lectures, those experiences are incomplete compared to the opportunity you provided to see your projects and learn from your work first hand.

You covered a broad variety of sustainable and organic practices that any small farmer can apply, and you showed us how they can be achieved at relatively low cost using mostly recycled materials.

We’ll certainly be following your progress and continuing to learn from your experiences as you share them in your Weekly Farm Journal and your Blog.

Dudley & Patria Leath, Blount County, TN.


"As a young farmer, I often despair that so much agricultural knowledge has been lost, and  few people around me consider restoring lost earth knowledge while finding new solutions to feeding ourselves, to be worthy of their time.  This was why it was such a relief and a joy to talk to Farmers Leaf & Cielo about my specific concerns and questions about starting up my own farm.  Being from Nashville, we had to drive a ways to their teaching farm, but it was well worth it to spend the day getting sound, practical answers to my most pressing agricultural questions.  

I found the Broadened Horizons Organic Farm to be a place of creativity, inspiration, and respectful earth-care. I'm so glad it exists in my state! (Don't leave their farm without a few dozen eggs--they're the best I've eaten!)"

Katy Savage,

Nashville, TN