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"Man, despite his artistic pretensions, and his many accomplishments, owes his existence to a six-inch layer of top soil and the fact that it rains" 
-Chinese Prove
 About us

The Broadened Horizons Sustainability Teaching Farm is a small, family operated farm in Floyd County, Virginia. We are dedicated to the learning, practice, and teaching of sustainable ecological, agricultural practices.

"Only Those Who Have Learned Thru 
Experience Can Teach With Authority

I found the class very practical. I was impressed by the many ways water is collected, stored and strategically allocated at the Broadened Horizons Farm.  Being able to see your catchment and storage techniques firsthand was very helpful and inspiring. The amount and depth of structured information was good.  I also appreciated the opportunity for questions and answers. Bottom line, I enjoyed the day and think the staff at Broadened Horizons has a lot to teach.  I am considering some of your other courses."

Gordon Griffith, Knoxville, TN

Upcoming Events

October 22, 2022. 10:30-4 p.m.

Rain date Oct 29, same times




 If you are looking for new ideas to become more sustainable, this is an opportunity to see ‘thinking out of the typical, standard fare box’ at our off-grid teaching farm.


An Open House event to showcase our innovation, off-grid building designs, farm built tools, washing machine, tractor implements, and power equipment, as well as our comprehensive rainwater collection and storage system, solar arrays and vertical axis wind turbines, solar water heaters, and much much more.

Latest WorkShop


September 26th, 2021




May 17th, 2022

Hosting Springhill School, Floyd, VA.

Junior and Seniors on walking tour of the Broadened Horizons farm design.


May 24, 2022

Roanoke Master Gardners Association farm tour and picnic.

June 25th, 2022

Leaf will host a concurrent session at the Master Gardners College at Virginia Tech University

This skill share teaches how to source and create a 100watt emergency solar charging system. This is enough to give you both some usable LED lights and keep your phone charged during any prolonged power outage.


Better than YouTube, this is literally hands on and you can ask questions directly. 


Leaf Myczack is known as a teacher who blends humor and experiential facts to make his workshops fun, informative, and inspirational.


See actual field setups in use at our teaching farm.

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