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Who Are We? 

We are mindful that we are not separate nor independent from the web of life that repeatedly manifests itself in our daily lives. 

Through observation, we have learned about the needs and lifecycles of other species, and how we can promote their well being within our farming practices. We are also keenly aware of the interdependent links of all the species of plants, insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals that call our farm home. We seek to honor this circle of life by being good caretakers of the Earth’s natural systems. Our land ethic can be summed up with the phrase, do no harm to land or water. This simple advise involves a high degree of sensitivity and earth awareness.

Likewise, when we venture into managing other life forms such as our chickens and dairy cows, we assume responsibility for the well being of our farm partners. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

Our teaching farm is...

 - a model of energy and resource efficient structures, well balanced and sustainable land management, and a cooperative relationship with all living organisms.

 - a living outdoor laboratory and classroom for the natural restoration of native soil fertility, slow release water retention, and the reforestation effort to create a diverse woodland canopy on a formerly abused and degraded livestock farm. Our pastures are managed as carefully as our gardens.

 - our grass-fed dairy cows, human intervention-free honey bee colony and free-range chickens are raised using holistic and sensitive good husbandry practices. It is a cooperative relationship and provides all of us a more healthy, functioning ecosystem to live in as a partners.

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