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Photos and Testimonials


Ruth Reyer

Roanoke, Virginia


Roanoke, Virginia Master Gardners visit to Broadened Horizons Farm
May 22, 2022

"I was most taken by Leaf and Cielo’s depth of relationship with the land and the intentional presence in which they both steward the farm and their lives.”


Richard and Christie Berry


Hazel Green, Alabama

“Thank you Farmer Leaf and Cielo for the wonderful hospitality and information you shared during our recent visit. We have been farming in a more traditional homesteading manner for the past 12 years and are slowly making the transition toward more self-reliance. Although harvesting rainwater is something we already do on our farm, we found ‘new eyes’ to see ways to continue that endeavor with our land and not just from our buildings! We can’t even begin to tell you how many things we learned from our visit to your farm; new recycling ideas, farm implement ideas, animal and land management ideas, and much more! You are both a wealth of information and an inspiration to our family. We continue to see our own farm in new ways that can benefit the land, animals, water and our family. Thanks again for your time during our visit.” 





On June 13, 2021, a workshop was held at the farm. 8 workshop attendees participated in building a bee gum and learning about the program designed to provide safer and more suitable habitat for naturally swarming bees. 

*Bee Gum: A native term for a bee hive fashioned from a hollowed section of the trunk of a blackgum tree–a wood that would not split.

“On the way back the staff agreed that this was the most informative professional development day we've had yet. In the van (ride home) we discussed what we can go ahead and implement on campus of what you taught us today.  We will never view a piece of land the same again.  We were all permanently impacted by seeing how you have managed the watershed of your property.  As a staff, we decided that the one thing we would implement immediately is creating a recharging station for some of our water runoff on campus.  Thanks for educating the educators!”


Our teaching farm is a model of energy and resource efficient structures, well balanced and sustainable land management, and a cooperative relationship with all living organisms.

Angie Markham

Executive Director, Ivy Academy

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