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Workshops & Consultation 

We are in the sustainability teaching business to share what has proven to work. Over decades of living a life that demands paying close attention to seasons, temperature, wind force, and rainfall, we have re-learned much of what was once widely known, but is now mostly forgotten…how to work in conscious cooperation with the natural world.


Through years of research and observation, we have become skilled at designing efficient, sustainable systems for meeting the farms’ many energy and resource needs. We use low tech, low cost materials, often available at no cost from the daily waste stream of our consumer oriented society.


Image by reza shayestehpour
   Rainwater Harvesting & Storage 

Learn how to capture and store rainwater for later use during dry periods. As local rainfall patterns become more erratic and

unreliable, a holistic stormwater management, retention, and use-plan become a necessity for survival.

Innovation and Inspiration
           Open House

October 22, 2022. 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

     Rain date Oct 29, same times

If you are looking for new ideas to become more sustainable, this is an opportunity to see ‘thinking out of the typical, standard fare box’ at our off-grid teaching farm.


An Open House event to showcase our innovation, off-grid building designs, farm built tools, washing machine, tractor implements, and power equipment, as well as our comprehensive rainwater collection and storage system, solar arrays and vertical axis wind turbines, solar water heaters, and much much more.

Holistic Land Consultation


Since the 1974 oil embargo, we have been continually learning and working on sustainability concepts and practices including shelter design, organic food growing, storage water security, and the natural heating and cooling of dwellings. Over the decades since our initial efforts, we have honed our skills, increased our knowledge, and have expanded our experiential background, so that we are now able to provide comprehensive and in-depth holistic consultation services to clients for wide range of environmental projects designed to improve the livability of your homestead or farm.

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